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3,000 Imo Opposition Members Did Not Defect to Your Party – PDP Mocks APC



The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Imo State describes the reported defection of 3,000 opposition members to the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Imo State as another menu in the series of lies and falsehood concocted by the fizzling APC in the desperation to create an impression that the APC is still alive in the State.

Our Party has checked through our registers in all the wards in Imo State and can report unequivocally that none of our members except three rejected and politically spent individuals, who have lost all electoral relevance in the State and only fit for a political dustbin like the APC.

It is indeed pathetic that such empty deserters connived with some APC leaders in Imo State to swindle the jittery and desperate Governor Hope Uzodimma, at very huge cost, by gathering a crowd of known APC members, thugs and hirelings and presented them to Governor Uzodimma as defectors from opposition parties in the State.

Credible intelligence at our disposal indicates that the APC leaders have also planned more of such sham mass defections just to create an impression that the people of Imo State are gravitating towards the APC. Truth is that Imo people have come to a firm decision that Governor Uzodinma is that proverbial rotten tooth which must be removed for the cheeks to chew with ease.

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That Governor Uzodimma could fall for such cheap political gimmick to the extent of showboating on national television further exposes that he and his Party, the APC have lost grip and merely clinging at straws, being in mortal fear of imminent electoral defeat in the November 11, 2023 governorship election in Imo State due to their litany of failures in governance.

This comical orchestration further shows that the APC in Imo State has been in confusion, frenzy and distress since the emergence of Senator Samuel Anyanwu as the Governorship candidate of the PDP for the November 11, 2023 governorship election.

Such apprehension explains why the APC has now embarked on desperate endorsement shopping for Governor Uzodimma from compromised individuals and groups; a ploy that has rather diminished the APC in the eyes of the people of Imo State.

Instead of addressing its numerous failures in governance, which resulted in escalated insecurity, killings, violence, collapse of productive sector, massive treasury looting, terrible infrastructural stagnation and agonizing economic hardship in the State in the last four years, the APC is shamelessly resorting to endorsement shopping and diversionary antics that have no bearing to the wellbeing of the people of Imo State.

The APC in Imo State must realize that the people of the State are not looking back in their determination to rescue and take back their State from anti-democratic forces and not even the intimidation, defection gimmicks and endorsement procurement by the APC can sway them in this resolve.

The people of Imo State yearn for the return of the glorious days of the legendry Dee Sam Mbakwe and they have found the Sun rising in that direction with the emergence of Senator Sam Anyanwu as the Governorship candidate of the PDP.

Senator Anyanwu’s candidature embodies the aspiration of the people of Imo State for a humane, responsive, friendly, transparent, purposeful, equitable and people-driven government that will restore security, happiness and productivity in the State.

The PDP therefore counsels the APC to accept its fate and use the remaining months left in its abysmal administration to account for its despicable misrule that has brought Imo State to its current pathetic condition.


Collins Opurozor
State Publicity Secretary
Imo PDP.

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